The robots that built the groundwork for today's portfolio.

Handle (2017)

A research venture into wheeled robots, Handle led to the development of our Stretch robot. Handle could unload trucks and build pallets while dynamically balancing on two wheels.
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Handle holds a box in the back of a truck.

Spot Classic (2015)

A quadruped robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation that laid the groundwork for the robust dynamic robot control seen on Spot today.
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Spot Classic

Wildcat (2011)

The fastest quadruped robot on Earth, WildCat ran 32 km/h while maneuvering and maintaining its balance.
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LS3 (2010)

A quadruped robot designed to follow soldiers and carry their gear over rough terrain.
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SandFlea (2012)

A small robot designed for reconnaissance, SandFlea drove like an RC car on flat terrain, but could jump 10 m into the air to leap buildings in a single bound.
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RHex (2007)

A passively-stable six-legged robot with remarkable mobility on rough terrain.
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BigDog (2004)

The first legged robot to leave the lab, BigDog navigated rough terrain using sensors and its control system.
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Big dog