Agile Robots for Public Safety

Spot for Public Safety
Spot for Public Safety

Keep people out of harm’s way and safely assess hazardous situations.

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Assess Risk From a Distance

Spot helps reduce risk in potentially dangerous scenarios, enabling first responders to safely assess and de-escalate tense or hazardous situations.

Public Safety Capabilities

Spot is a flexible platform that can be easily deployed in a variety of environments and hazardous situations.

Detect Hazardous Materials

Deploy Spot with specialized sensors to detect radiological and nuclear material, toxic gases, and other hazardous materials. Spot helps field operators identify and assess Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) threats from a safe stand-off distance, traversing unpredictable terrain and collecting data about the risk.

Use Spot to detect CBRNE and other hazardous materials

Investigate Suspicious Packages

Investigate suspicious packages and suspected explosives with Spot while maintaining a safe perimeter. Integrate sensors to measure oxygen levels of potentially explosive environments or detect explosive materials. Equipped with cameras, x-ray devices, and the Spot Arm, Spot enables Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians to safely inspect suspicious packages.

Spot inspects a buried explosive

De-escalate Hostage Scenarios

Spot can gather valuable information to support response teams and facilitate remote negotiations, reducing risk to first responders and the public. In active shooter or hostage situations, Spot can help first responders establish visual and two-way communications, so they can gather the information needed to de-escalate the situation and keep officers and bystanders out of harm’s way.

Spot can go where other robots can't, opening doors and climbing stairs
Our Policies & Ethics

We will not sell to nor partner with those who wish to use our robots as weapons or autonomous targeting systems, and as clearly outlined in our terms & conditions, any use of our robots to harm or intimidate people or animals is strictly prohibited. In addition, any use of our robots must be in compliance with all applicable privacy and civil rights laws. We will take action to mitigate any misuse of our products. You can read more about our ethical principles here.

Solution Features


Robots have been used by public safety professionals for decades, but Spot is more mobile than earlier generations. Spot can climb stairs, open doors, and move fluidly over rough or uneven terrain. When seconds count, first responders can send Spot into the field fast to help resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible.


Spot is now deployed on hundreds of sites, from nuclear plants to construction projects, to collect data and automate inspection in remote and hazardous locations. Whether working alongside operations staff on the plant floor or aiding first responders out in our communities, Spot helps keep people out of harm’s way. 



Spot is easily deployed in a variety of environments and hazardous situations to reduce risk. The robot can be customized to assess hazmat risks, inspect suspected explosives, and enable communication and data gathering in tense situations.


Field operators can work at a safe distance from the tablet interface or remotely pilot Spot using web-based control software to teleoperate the robot and review data in real-time. Using the Spot Arm, operators can maneuver its in-gripper LED illuminator and 4K camera to grasp and move objects, allowing for remote inspection of suspicious materials.

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